Happy XANGO 2016!

I love the fresh start to a new year!

As 2015 drew to a close we took some time to celebrate and reflect on the past year’s events, challenges and opportunities.

At XANGO Rush in Las Vegas, you saw us launch a phenomenal eye-care and anti-aging system, with XANGO Aeris; we eliminated sign-up fees to make it simpler to bring new Customers and Distributors to XANGO; and under the direction of our new president, Leslie Gallacher, the sales teams and the Executive Committee are working closely with my partners and me, and we’re revved up for more wonder and amazement in the coming year.

XANGO Nation is home to the finest people this industry (or any industry!) has to offer. We’re consistently amazed at how you press yourselves and your teams to help others, to give back, and to be your best selves. All the small gestures we share day to day — from a smile or a pat on the back to purchasing XANGO Meal Packs for those in need — combine to make the world a better place. We’re honored that you would choose XANGO as your home, and we work every day so we can be worthy of your faith in us and in our combined futures.

So as you celebrate your past accomplishments and make plans for your future, remember you’ve got a world-class team of support right here with you, and we’re eager to partner with you for an amazing 2016. I wish blessings upon us all.

Thanks for everything you do, XANGO Nation, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Aaron Garrity
Board Chairman & CEO